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Purchasing Information

Purchasing office furniture online can be difficult, so we made it easy to purchase from Our online ordering process is fast, easy, and requires no password or account to buy from us. Free shipping means free shipping, so there are no additional charges at checkout - the item price you see is what you pay. If you're planning an office renovation, design, or have any other questions we can help you with please consult with us for expert advice.

  • Talk To An Expert
    Our team are professionals in the furniture industry and are ready to help you with all of your office furniture needs. Buying office furniture is an investment and we're here to help you get the exact office you are looking for. Call us at 413-737-0991 or Contact Us. Whether you're here to create or renovate your workspace, we will help you through the entire process and help answer any questions you may incur along the way. We take the extra time to help you make the selection of furniture that best fits your preference and application.
  • Online Ordering
    We would love to talk to you in person, but we understand not everyone has the time to stop by a furniture store to gather ideas. That is why we designed our website with the customer in mind. Our site is geared towards making the selection and checkout process as simple as possible. offers additional features such as quick view and a shopping cart, to make purchasing fast and easy. Upon confirming you purchase online you will receive immediate confirmation via the email you provided. We will then send an additional email to inform you when your product ships.
  • Order Processing
    As soon as you complete your online order you will receive an email confirmation of your order. The email confirmation will contain estimated arrival dates for each of the items in your order. If you have an account with us, your final shipping notification will be invoiced to you for the products. If you have any questions about creating a purchase order, just Contact Us.
  • Payment Options
    For payments we accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We also accept checks, dollars, and can arrange to accommodate an electronic funds transfer, barter, or an alternative payment method. An open account with terms of net 30 days can be arranged if you are a business, federal, state or local government entity, public school and university, etc.
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