Customer Care

Discount Office Furniture, Inc. is your premier source for new & used office furniture in the Greater Western Massachusetts Area. Servicing MA, CT, NH & NY for over 35 years. Our experienced sales professionals understand the difficulties that can be involved creating the office space you need, and will work with you through every step of the way to achieve it. They take the extra time to be proactive, understand each client's specific needs, and take the best possible course of action. If you have any uncertainties or issues, Discount will work with you until we resolve the issue and you are satisfied.


Do Monopoly Homes build extensions & renovate?

We only specialize in new custom built homes. Sometimes extensions can cost more than you think. If you are uncertain and require advice about knocking down and rebuilding we will be able to provide you with a free comparison advice.

What type of quality can I expect?

All our homes pass through quality checks and reports on a weekly basis during construction. As well as our supervisors checking on a daily basis, our construction manager visits your site on a weekly basis producing weekly reports on quality, installation and finishes. On top of that we recommend that you hire a private inspector to check and oversee your home at every stage of construction. Your finished home will be to your satisfaction gauranteed.

I have no plans, but have purchased land, can you help?

It's ok not to have any plans. If you own the land, we have the knowledge to work out what options you have with things like size of dwelling, whether you need planning permits, rough estimate on construction costs and whether we can meet your budget. If you are happy with our estimate, we can organise your architectural plans and other documentation to give you a more accurate quote.

I have all my plans approved, can you give me a quote?

Definitely. Having your plans ready makes it easier for us to start quoting straight away. Costruction can start almost immediatly after you accept our quotation.

I want a new custom home but have not purchased any land yet, can you advise?

Yes we have done this for many clients. The imporatnt information we need here is your budget. Once we know your budget, we can work back using land and contruction costs to come to an approx estimate. With this information, you can go ahead and buy land and we can help you organize architectural and all other plans to start an accurate quotation for you.

Are your quotes Free?

In our first meeting we will assess your plans and give you a rough estimate range 'cost per square' construction rate. If this is within your budget, the answer is Yes.

We understand that customers have a certain price point and budget in mind, however after analysing your plans, we will most likely uncover certain factors that may increase the price of your construction.
Factors to consider are:
1. Steep slope of the land. 2. Large site cuts and soil removal. 3. High retaimng walls. 4. Problem soil. 5. Bore piers/ Deep edge beams/Raft slabs/Suspended Slabs. 6. High end cladding/Excessive steel, specially with Multi Unit sites. 7. The internal fittings/fixtures/finished you choose. Our initial consultation is Free. Please call 1300 720 161 for an appointment.